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"I'm lucky to be part of the team who helps me look good. They deserve as much of the credit for my success as I do"


Lionel Messi

An energetic one-day course to help you tap into your creativity and become a higher-performing team
  • Assess how you’re currently performing as a team 

  • Discover new and fresh ways of working together

  • Build greater team strength and cohesion 

  • Develop individual self-awareness and awareness of others in the team 

  • Become more skilled in managing conflict, within the team and with external stakeholders

  • Learn how to tap into your creativity to become a higher-performing team.


“Thank you for a really successful day. The team enjoyed it immensely. There is such strength in this team and in the individual people in it. So thank you for drawing that out and capturing for us."

NHS Programme Manager

Teams are at the heart of how the best organisations work. Rarely do we operate in isolation. We get the best results from the creative input of others, which in turn inspires us to step up our own creative output. Team and individual are interdependent – sharing skills, knowledge and strengths to get the job done. Collaborating with others is how we get the best out of ourselves.



This fun, interactive one-day course (yes, the occasional, good old-fashioned team-building game will be thrown in) is split into three parts. You’ll assess how your team is working: its vision, values and leadership, how you communicate and how empowered you feel. You’ll reflect on what motivates you as an individual and how that is reflected in your behaviour towards those around you, both when things are going well and when you’re in conflict. And you’ll create new ways of working together, based on what you’ve learnt over the day. Each team member will present their vision of how the team will work in the future. You’ll then collaborate to create a shared team-vision for the next twelve months.



You’ll learn to think and work creatively together. And move your team from good to great.


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