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"Alone we can do little. Together we can do much."


Helen Keller

Take your team away from their usual environment to a new and creative space. Give them time to get to know themselves and each other a little better. Allow the connections between them to grow stronger. 


Our away days are more than just team building days. They're an opportunity for personal and team growth, they're a chance to ask the questions there's never time ask, to develop new goals and strategies and, above all, have some fun away from the relentless pressure of the day job. We create a safe and creative space for your team to work in, to build trust and develop personal and professional relationships.

  • Celebrating team achievements

  • Creating a team vision

  • Strategic planning

  • Strengthening understanding of team roles and responsibilities

  • Conflict resolution

  • Developing team strength and awareness through personality testing

  • Laughter

“Thank you so much for another really special day for my team. You always get the tone just right, and create a safe and creative space for us to share ideas and insights about who we are. We've come away really motivated to deliver the vision we have set for ourselves. Thank you also for the write-up which is a brilliant capture of our day"

Victoria, NHS Business Development Director.

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