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"A warmly enthusiastic and appreciative facilitator with some new and interesting ideas"


Al Brunker

Al is the founding father of Let's Do This. After years working as a lawyer, he's now firmly in recovery, setting out on his own as a trainer and writer over 10 years ago. He'll work with you to plan what he thinks is best for your group. Then he'll use his own blend of relaxed assertiveness to get the job done.


When he's not training or facilitating, Al will probably be copywriting. See some of his work.


What people say about Al: "He created a safe and secure space for us to develop as a team. I found it invaluable..." "A warmly enthusiastic and appreciative facilitator with some new and interesting ideas and an aura of calm competence." Sarah and Maxine, NHS

Sarah Steed

Sarah wears the sensible shoes in the team. A devil for detail, she brings order to chaos and calm to the storm. With over 20 years experience in helping groups through tricky situations, she's also an expert communication skills trainer and loves nothing more than putting her experience as a professional actor to good use in our forum theatre workshops.


What people say about Sarah: "Sarah is trustworthy, professional and brought a creative energy to the workshop. A real pleasure to work with." James, Eco-charity

Carl Meah

Carl is the team's lovable rogue. You get what you expect with Carl; his sessions reflect his gritty Northern personality - no-nonsense, straight to the point, laced with contagious humour and rich with positive outcomes. Carl's experience with young people and offenders adds a real-world touch to his work with us.


What people say about Carl: "I really loved Carl's session. He made it really fun and was more of a mate than a 'trainer' - I learnt loads but had a lot of fun too." Kayleigh, Prince's Trust

Jane Cameron

Jane takes time out from her own coaching consultancy to work with Let's Do This. We're thrilled to have access to her calm yet assertive people skills and nack for leading people to the best solution, even if it may not be the easiest.


What people say about Jane: "Your ability to manage and adapt to the needs of the group was much appreciated.  Every participant has considered the training to have been a great all round success."  Shona, Grampian Opportunities

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