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"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think."



Facilitation is about putting someone in the room with you to help you work through a situation. You may simply want someone to help run a small meeting, or you could have a large event where you need a lead facilitator and a number of table facilitators. 
Whatever the size or shape of your event, we can help.
We like to think we bring intimacy and trust to even the biggest of spaces. We have a range of skills in the Let's Do It team. We're all experienced speakers, m-c's and trainers, so have a natural ability to 'work' a room and connect with the people in it. We work in theatre and performance so we bring presence and confidence to the groups we help. We ask the right questions, we listen, we don't judge.
If you have a group that needs a shot in the arm, a team in conflict or a get-together that needs a strong pair of hands at the helm, do get in touch.
  • Asking you the right questions.

  • Listening to you, challenging you, enabling you to move forward.

  • Encouraging you to be open with each other.

  • Being supportive and non-judgemental.

  • Taking a light-touch, to give you the headspace to reach the solution you need to.

  • Being authentic, honest and emotionally intelligent: we seek to understand and empathise with you and your situation.

  • Years of experience with groups of many shapes and sizes. We're nice but firm. We can do crowd control if we have to...!.

  • A little bit of humour (goes a long way).


“The session was brilliant and, as usual, great fun and hugely inspiring. You never fail to engage us all and bring out the best in us and I can honestly say that we do put into practice what we learn – the sign of a truly fantastic trainer!” 

Creative services manager, animal welfare charity.

  • Large public events.

  • Away days and team events.

  • Management teams and boards.

  • Groups in conflict.

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