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Our three-step learning cycle ensures the off-the-job training we deliver has a real chance of being applied on the job. 

Learn: We take staff away from their familiar workplace surroundings and immerse them in a creative environment where they learn from an expert in the field. They build new skills to take back to the workplace and they perform to a higher standard. 

Apply: We follow up the Learn stage with regular health checks and refreshers. In consultation with you, we create a learning plan for each participant. This usually involves one-to-one coaching, self-assessment questionnaires, and learning checks to help steer learners in the right direction as they seek to put what they have learnt into practice. 

Collaborate: The third step of our learning cycle is about bringing people together to share the results of their learning. As well as learning new skills, it’s vital people come together from time to time in a creative and collaborative space. Our away-days and facilitated events help your staff take ownership of problem-solving, developing new strategy and building the team. 

Invest in your people by working with us. If you show them you value their progress, you’ll create attachment, loyalty and enthusiasm. And your business will be better off.

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