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"Think left and think right, and think low and think high. Oh the things you can think of if only you try!"


Dr Seuss

This fun, experiential workout will help you develop new ways of thinking creatively, generating ideas and solving problems.
  • Explore what creativity is and what it takes to be creative

  • Develop an awareness of your own creative potential 

  • Understand the barriers to creativity, and identify strategies for breaking them down 

  • Try out creative techniques to become better at generating new ideas: improvisation, lateral thinking, story-telling and more 

  • Learn about other creative organisations, and how they get the creative best out of their people. 

  • Learn about the brain’s role in the creative process and look at ways of getting the left-side to ‘say no’, so the right-side can do its creative thing

  • And for the left-brainers among you, there’s our Five-Step Creative-Thinking Process, and Ten Healthy Habits to a more creative life.

  • To end, you’ll share what you’ve learnt, action-plan your new approach and pledge what you’ll do differently from now on. A creative end to a creative day.


New box, new tricks!


“Until I went on Al’s course, I really thought I was ‘non-creative’. Now I realise we’re all creative in our own way – and that ‘creativity’ can be learnt. It’s just about changing habits, and allowing yourself to think different.”

BW, HR Manager

A lot of us believe we’re not creative, that creativity is the preserve of musicians, artists and entrepreneurs. Well, that’s just not true. By attending this course, you’ll discover the amazing creativity in you. You’ll learn to use it for your own personal development and for the benefit of the business you work for. 


This is an inspiring chance to let go of your fear, discover your inner child and, ultimately, use your creativity to become ambassadors for your business.


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