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"Writing creates anew the universe, after it has been annihilated in our minds by the recurrence of impressions blunted by reiteration"



This hands-on experience will build your confidence as a
writer, and give you the skills that you need to craft clear
and creative copy
  • Build your confidence as a writer 

  • Develop tools to write lively, audience-centred copy – for paper, for web, for your customers 

  • Understand the nature and power of story 

  • Develop storytelling techniques to add narrative to your copy

  • Learn to write in plain English and avoid jargon and cliché

  • Improved grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Learn to use the correct tone of voice for your reader

  • Practise writing creative headlines



“Great feedback given throughout - great way to share ideas and develop as a writer."

Marcoms Manager, Education Charit

This course is an inspiring opportunity for you to let go of fear, discover your writing voice and, ultimately, use your words to become ambassadors for your business. Why use external copywriters when you have all the creative tools at your disposal to do a great job yourself?



You’ll dive straight into practical exercises, receiving honest feedback on your writing. You’ll explore why the written word is so powerful, and discover that at the heart of all good creative writing is story; whether it’s a blog, tweet, press release, or an email to your most difficult customer, a compelling narrative will get your reader to the end wanting more.



Part of your time will be spent on technique: use of creative language and metaphor, editing and structure, using the right tone of voice, and the key ingredients of successful storytelling.



The rest will be spent writing. You’ll practise writing copy that’s relevant, branded and memorable – everything from a headline for a pot of Marmite to a Lonely Hearts ad. You’ll learn to cast off those old grammar myths you learnt at school. (Like you can’t have one-word sentences. Yes. Of course you can. And you can’t start a sentence with ‘And’. Or ‘But’.)



But that’s not all. You’ll dip into poetry, short stories, scripts and blogging. Why? Because by getting into the habit of creative writing, we raise our awareness of ourselves, and those around us. We get into the habit of framing our thoughts in new and imaginative ways. And we get out of the habit of writing the same old stuff in the same old way.



All of which is great for our own personal development, and for our ability to contribute creatively to the messages we put out on behalf of our business.



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