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"There is a fundamental disconnect between the way we pitch anything and the way it is received

by our audience."


Oran Klaff

An advanced communication skills workshop that uses the latest neuro-research to give you the inside track on how to put your message across with maximum impact.


  • Increased confidence in communicating with impact 

  • Strategies for framing your communications so they are heard and remembered

  • Understanding the brain’s role in how you communicate 

  • Several opportunities to practise the skills you’re learning

  • The opportunity to work on ‘Brand Me’ and pitch it to a live audience

  • Ability to flex your communication style to the preferences of others

  • Deeper knowledge of importance of giving feedback and how to do it well

  • Advanced active listening skills

  • Practice at asking searching, empathic questions  

  • Drama-based role-play providing true-to-life opportunities to practise your communication


“Engaging and dynamic, in a subtle way."

Counsellor, addiction charity

What makes a great communicator? Cicero? Obama? Jeremy Kyle? Good  communication is a hallmark of leadership and essential for effective and productive working relationships.

This fun and interactive course will tackle the common disconnect between the messages we send and the messages received by our audience.


You’ll investigate your own communication networks and identify the relationships that work and those where mixed messages are common and communication breaks down. You’ll learn about the different parts of the brain responsible for sending and receiving data, and develop strategies for framing your communications so they’re effectively received.

You’ll look at verbal and non-verbal messaging, including the importance of conveying intention through voice and body language. Throughout the course, there will be drama-based scenarios in which you’ll be challenged to flex your communication style to accommodate the varying preferences of your audience. 

You’ll practise questioning, listening and giving feedback, and pitch the most important brand of all to your fellow participants: Brand Me. You’ll pick up techniques to fight off the arch enemies of all communicators: boredom, fear, confusion and indifference. 

And by the end of the session you’ll be communicating like an expert – with emotion, impact and sensitivity to the needs of those you’re communicating with.



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