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A fun, energetic, and highly interactive workshop on how to be a more creative communicator. Popular with youth ambassadors and young entrepreneurs, this course is a great way to boost your confidence and pick up practical tips on how to put your message across. You'll be all set for your next Big Speech!
  • Discover how to bring more creativity into your communication

  • Learn to speak on the spot

  • Practise answering Q&As

  • Making your speech audience-centred

  • Find an exciting and relevant message for your speech

  • Making an elevator pitch

  • Structuring your speech

  • Storytelling techniques and practice 

  • Managing your nerves

  • Using voice, body language and your words to make an impact

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Delivering your speech to a live audience


“I've learnt so much about myself and about communication, and have had so much fun ”

Prince's Trust Young Ambassador, Bristol

“I've learnt to become a more creative and confident speaker... Al is a great trainer, and certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone  ”

Prince's Trust Young Ambassador, Birmingham

This popular course is fun and hands-on. You'll get loads of opportunities to speak, listen, give feedback and bring out the creative in you. It's just the way to boost your confidence as a speaker.


Communicating is about putting across your best self, often when under the pressure of a job interview, presentation, pitch or awkward conversation. The workshop gives you strategies to manage your nerves and focus on the important business of coming up with creative content, structuring what you want to say and putting it across in a way that will hook your audience and keep them listening.

You'll have the chance to improvise and play games to help build your communication skills, as well as practising one-to-one networking. You'll prepare, practise and deliver a speech on a subject of your choice, and get encouraging and supportive feedback on how you got on. 


By the end of the day, you'll have increased in confidence, be well-equipped with a load of communication tools - and have had a lot of fun along the way!

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